I’m author for Blog southwark.tv . After graduating college with a concentration in fashion journalism, I created this blog in September 2008. Because I had no prior experience and couldn’t get an entry-level position or internship, I thought blogging would be an excellent way to demonstrate my writing ability and passion for fashion.

I understand from experience the lack of resources available for younger women who wear size 14 and up, so I decided to change that. What started as simply a way to fill the void has become a personal style blog where I share my fashion advice ( mostly consisting of “ignore fashion rules!”) as well as outfits that Hopefully inspire others take risks and have fun with their clothing no matter what their size is . Pretty much mainstreamfashion ideasand reject the majority notion”dressfor your body type .”

I have made television appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Rip the Runway, Just Keke, and the MTV VMA’s. My work has been featured in magazines such as Glamour, Teen Vogue, InStyle, The New York Times, Seventeen


This small blog I started years ago as a hobby is now my primary source of income. That’s right–I get paid to do something that I love!

I collaborate with brands that fit well with my image, and these can be one-time deals (ex. 1-2 posts) or more long term projects (ex. 6 months). Whenever I have a brand partnership,be it large or small, you all will know about it in the form of an announcement blog post .

Products I feature on my blog are sometimes given to me by businesses, however, I only post about the things I actually enjoy using/wearing. If something is a gifted product, I’ll always let my readers know in the post itself. Additionally, if you purchase anything from one of my affiliate links,Ill earn a small commission off of that purchase. Lastly – and most importantly – all opinions expressed on this blog are entirely mine an no one else’s. Even though collaborations with brands are commonplace nowadays,,I never allow them any editorial control over what appears on my site.

Accountable for the information:

author southwark.tv
author southwark.tv

Jacci Jaye

Fashion Stylist and business professional with 18+ years of experience in Fashion Styling, Fashion Design, photo production, and creative team management. I have worked on advertising, editorial, e-commerce, and television production, and have extensive on and off figure fashion and prop styling experience.