How big is F cup size? Is F cup same as DDD?

F cup size bra is considered one of the largest breast sizes, and is usually defined by a bust and band measurement difference of six inches. To measure your bust size, you must measure around the fullest part of your bust in either inches or cm.

Your bust size should be 6 inches larger than your band measurement; for example, if your band measurement is 65, then your bust should be at least 71-72 inches around for a bra size F. Other common sizes are 86-90 with a cup size DD or DDD (which are the US standard) but E and F cup sizes are used more internationally.

If you need an even bigger cup size there’s still E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ and K cups available which correspond to 91-95(in), 93-97(cm) in inches and 88-92(in), 70(cm) in cm respectively.

How big is F cup size? Is F cup same as DDD?
How big is F cup size? Is F cup same as DDD?

What is an F Cup Size? How big is F cup breast size?

What is an F Cup Size? How big is F cup breast size?
What is an F Cup Size? How big is F cup breast size?

An F cup size is a larger breast size, typically considered to be around the same range as a DDD or DD cup. In inches, F cup sizes typically range from around 10 to 12 inches across. While the exact measurements may vary slightly depending on manufacturer and retailer, F cups are generally considered to be one of the larger cup sizes available.

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Cup size Bust size
32F 38-39”
34F 40-41”
36F 42-43”
38F 44-45”
40F 46-47”
42F 48-49”

How Does an F Cup Breast Look?

How Does an F Cup Breast Look
How Does an F Cup Breast Look

F cup breasts are typically round and full, with a rounded profile that is ideal for showing off under clothing. Depending on your body type and build, f cup breasts may also appear larger and fuller than average.

Celebrities who have F Cups size

Some of the most famous celebrities with f cup breasts include Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, and Kelly Brook. These women are known for their voluptuous curves and signature f cup breasts, which have made them some of the most sought-after models in the fashion industry.

Whether you’re looking to emulate their style or just want to know what f cup breasts look like, these celebrities are a great resource for inspiration and insights into this unique breast size.

Choosing bras for F Cups breast size

Choosing bras for F Cups breast size
Choosing bras for F Cups breast size

If you’re looking for the perfect bra to flatter and support your f cup breasts, there are a number of great options out there. Some of our favorites include the Freya Deco Plunge Bra, the Curvy Kate Princess Balconette Bra, and the Wacoal Halo Contour Bra.

These bras feature supportive underwires, soft fabrics, and flattering cuts that help to beautifully enhance f cup breasts. Plus, they come in a wide variety of styles and colors so you can find the perfect bra to suit your unique style and preferences.

So why wait? Head to your local lingerie store or online retailer today and discover all the amazing bras made just for f cups!

Now, we will have a look at Sister Bra Sizes of F Cup.

Sister Bra Sizes of F Cup

Sister Bra Sizes of F Cup
Sister Bra Sizes of F Cup

One common sister size for f cup breasts is G cup, which is also a larger breast size that offers plenty of support and volume. Other options include E cup, which is slightly smaller, and DDD/E cup, which is roughly the same size as f cup.

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Bra Size Charts


1. Band size 2.Cup size
65 80-84 82-86 84-88
70 83-87 85-89 87-91 89-93
75 86-90 88-92 90-94 92-96 94-98
80 89-93 91-95 93-97 95-99 97-101 99-103
85 94-98 96-100 98-102 100-104 102-106 104-108
90 99-103 101-105 103-107 105-109 107-111 109-113
95 104-108 106-110 108-112 110-114 112-116 114-118
100 109-113 111-115 113-117 115-119 117-121 119-123
105 114-118 116-120 118-122 120-124 122-126
110 119-123 121-125 123-127 125-129
65 86-90 88-92 90-94 92-96
70 91-95 93-97 95-99 97-101
75 96-100 98-102 100-104 102-106 104-108
80 101-105 103-107 105-109 107-111 109-113
85 106-110 108-112 110-114 112-116
90 111-115 113-117 115-119 117-121
95 116-120 118-122 120-124 122-126
100 121-125 123-127 125-129 127-131


1. Band size 2. Cup size
26 31.5-33.0
28 32.7-34.3 33.5-35.0
30 33.0-34.6 33.9-35.4 34.6-36.2 35.4-37.0
32 35.0-36.6 35.8-37.4 36.6-38.2 37.4-39.0
34 37.0-38.6 37.8-39.4 38.6-40.2 39.4-41.0
36 39.0-40.5 39.8-41.3 40.5-42.1 41.3-42.9
38 41.0-42.5 41.7-43.3 42.5-44.0 43.3-44.9
40 43.0-44.5 43.7-45.3 44.5-46.0 45.3-46.8
42 45.0-46.5 45.7-47.2 46.5-48.0 47.2-48.8
44 46.8-48.5 47.6-49.2 48.4-50.0 49.2-50.8
26 32.3-33.9 33.0-34.6 33.9-35.4
28 34.3-35.8 35.0-36.6 35.8-37.4 36.6-38.2
30 36.2-37.8 37.0-38.6 37.8-39.4 38.6-40.2
32 38.2-39.8 39.0-40.5 39.8-41.3 40.5-42.1
34 40.2-41.7 41.0-42.5 41.7-43.3 40.5-44.0
36 42.1-43.7 42.9-44.5 43.7-45.3 44.5-46.0
38 44.0-45.7 44.9-46.5 45.7-47.2 46.5-48.0
40 46.0-47.6 46.8-48.4 47.6-49.2
42 48.0-49.6 48.8-50.4
44 50.0-51.6
26 35.4-37.0 36.2-37.8
28 37.4-39.0 38.2-39.7
30 39.4-40.9 40.1-41.7 40.9-42.5
32 41.3-42.9 42.1-43.7 42.9-44.5
34 43.3-44.9 44.0-45.7
36 45.3-46.8

F.A.Q F cup size

Is f cup same as ddd?

No, f cup is not the same as ddd. DDD is typically considered to be a slightly larger cup size, while f cup is one of the larger options available.

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Is f cup size big?

Yes, f cup sizes are considered to be quite large, typically ranging from 10 to 12 inches across in most cases. However, this can vary depending on body type and manufacturer specifications. Whether you’re looking for lingerie or simply want to know more about f cups, there are plenty of resources out there to help you understand this unique breast size.

What is F cup breast size?

An F cup breast size is a larger, curvier breast size that typically ranges from around 10 to 12 inches across. It is one of the largest options available and is often considered to be quite voluptuous and full in appearance.

What is an F cup equivalent to?

There is no exact equivalent to an F cup size, as this can vary depending on body type, manufacturer specifications, and other factors. However, some commonly used sister sizes for f cup breasts include G cup and DDD/E cup. Other options include E cup and DDD/E cup.

Is F cup bigger than DD?

No, f cup is not bigger than DD. In fact, f cup and DD are often considered to be similar breast sizes, with f cup being on the larger end of the spectrum. However, this can vary depending on body type and manufacturer specifications.


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