How Many Fills Before New Set Nails?

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Welcome to our guide on how many fills before getting a new set of nails. Discover the ideal time frame for maintaining your stunning manicure without compromising its integrity. Let’s dive in!

How Many Fills Before New Set Nails?

How Many Fills Before New Set Nails?

Typically, acrylic nails require filling every two to three weeks.

In theory, acrylic nails can be refilled between 8 to 13 times. However, the actual number of refills you’ll need depends on the rate of your natural nail growth and the level of stress your hands and fingers experience throughout the day. Therefore, the frequency of refills may vary from person to person.

It’s important to note that proper care can significantly extend the lifespan of your acrylic nails and reduce the need for frequent refills. By taking good care of them, you can minimize breakage, worn-out tips, and nail polish chipping, which would otherwise necessitate frequent visits to the nail salon for refilling to maintain a fresh appearance.

Is it better to get a refill or new set of nails?

Is it better to get a refill or new set of nails?

Many new clients often wonder if they need to have their gel/acrylic nails removed and replaced with a new set each time. The answer is no; instead, they can simply opt for a refill. During a refill session, we carefully file off the existing color and address any lifting issues. We also inspect the nails to ensure there are no signs of bacteria or infections. If you wish, you can alter the nail shape or shorten the length.

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Next, we fill in the gap that has appeared around the cuticle area due to nail growth, using more gel/acrylic material. Once the material hardens, we meticulously file and shape the nails to achieve perfection before applying a new coat of the color you’ve chosen. As a result, your nails will look and feel like they’ve been given a fresh set!

For optimal nail health, we recommend scheduling a refill every 3 weeks. If you wait too long between refills, your nails may start lifting, and the space underneath may accumulate water and dirt, leading to the growth of harmful bacteria and potential nail infections – an unpleasant experience indeed!

Additionally, leaving your nails to grow too far out can compromise their strength. Accidental impacts or pressure can cause cracks in the nail plate, making it impossible to apply a new nail without risking infection.

The best approach is to maintain your nails by regularly refilling them and diligently following the aftercare instructions provided by your nail technician. This way, you can enjoy beautiful and healthy nails without any worries!

How often should you take a break from acrylic nails?

How often should you take a break from acrylic nails?

The recommended duration for taking a break from acrylic nails remains a subject of debate, but it is widely acknowledged that such a break is necessary after prolonged usage. Many experts propose a break lasting between three (3) to six (6) months.

Allowing your nails this break proves highly beneficial, as it grants your natural nails the opportunity to rejuvenate and allows you to provide them with proper care and nourishment.

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The number of fills required before getting a new set of nails varies depending on individual preferences, nail growth rate, and maintenance routine. Regular fills are recommended to maintain the appearance and health of the nails.

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