What If Mexico Won The Mexican American War?

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Welcome to a fascinating alternate reality where Mexico emerges victorious in the Mexican-American War. Explore the intriguing possibilities and consequences that would have unfolded had history taken a different turn.

What If Mexico Won The Mexican American War?

What If Mexico Won The Mexican American War?

Had Mexico emerged victorious in the Mexican-American War, it would have potentially resulted in a more stable and stronger country. Retaining control of its northern territories would have signaled Mexico’s ability to resist the United States and potentially avoid the political turmoil that plagued the nation in the early 19th century.

Why did Mexico lose the Mexican-American War so badly?

Why did Mexico lose the Mexican-American War so badly?

In March 1836, Mexican forces successfully seized control of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, defeating those who had declared Texas’ independence from Mexico just weeks prior. Despite the loss at the Alamo, Texas eventually achieved independence when Sam Houston secured a remarkable victory at the Battle of San Jacinto the following month.

However, Mexico, which had initially prevailed at the Alamo, soon found itself facing an America that had annexed Texas and was rapidly emerging as a prominent global power. How did Mexico, once dominant, ultimately lose the Mexican-American War?

One significant factor was Mexico’s dire financial state. As the war erupted in 1846, the country was already burdened by financial instability. The American blockade of Mexican ports further exacerbated this precarious situation, preventing Mexico from engaging in vital import-export activities and collecting taxes on imports. The nation was plagued by a lack of financial and political stability, with the Mexican presidency changing hands multiple times during the course of the war.

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In addition to grappling with the American forces, Mexico also had to contend with internal uprisings that further depleted its resources. The country was stretched thin, both financially and militarily, struggling to quell these rebellions while simultaneously defending against the American invasion. Mexico, in essence, found itself fighting with limited resources and facing significant challenges on multiple fronts.

What did the US get from Mexico after winning the Mexican-American War?

What did the US get from Mexico after winning the Mexican-American War?

As per the treaty mediated by Trist, Mexico agreed to transfer Upper California and New Mexico to the United States. This territorial transfer, known as the Mexican Cession, encompassed modern-day Arizona and New Mexico, as well as portions of Utah, Nevada, and Colorado (refer to Article V of the treaty).

Additionally, Mexico officially renounced any territorial claims to Texas and acknowledged the Rio Grande as the recognized southern boundary with the United States (see Article V).

What advantages did the US have over Mexico in the Mexican War?

Superior Resources. The American government allocated significant funds to support its war efforts. American soldiers were well-equipped with advanced firearms, uniforms, an ample food supply, top-notch artillery, and well-trained horses, among other essential resources.

In stark contrast, the Mexican forces faced financial hardships throughout the entirety of the war, lacking the necessary resources to effectively contend with the American military.

If Mexico had won the Mexican American War, the United States would have faced significant territorial losses and Mexico would have retained control over the disputed regions. The balance of power in North America would have shifted dramatically.

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