What is Andre the Giant's shoe size? Interesting facts About Andre The Giant's shoe size

What is Andre the Giant’s shoe size? Interesting facts About Andre The Giant’s shoe size

The legendary Andre the Giant was a French wrestler who rose to fame in the late 1970s and early 80s. He stands 24 inches tall and weighed over 500 lbs, making him one of the biggest wrestlers in history.

Andre the Giant’s shoe size was 26, or 9 1/16 inches, but he could fit into between size 24-26 shoes, with size 24 shoes being his most comfortable pair. Others such as The Great Khali and The Ultimate Warrior were also giants of their time; however, none had quite the stature of Andre.

He lived to 58 years old before tragically passing away due to congestive heart failure – a heartbreaking cause of death for someone so beloved in the wrestling community. His career and legacy continue on today as he remains an inspiration for many, leaving an indelible mark on an entire generation.

It’s no wonder why he is still remembered fondly – his size and strength were unparalleled at the time and even now it would be difficult to find any other individual that could match his physical magnificence.

What is Andre the Giant's shoe size? Interesting facts About Andre The Giant's shoe size

What is Andre the Giant’s shoe size? Interesting facts About Andre The Giant’s shoe size

Andre The Giant’s shoe size

Andre The Giant's shoe size

Andre The Giant’s shoe size

Andre the Giant was a professional wrestler who passed away in 1993. He had size 22 feet, making him one of the few people with a shoe size bigger than Shaquille O’Neal’s (size 23). Andre also had 10 foot long hands, which were large enough to fit two basketballs inside.

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Andre the Giant was born on May 19th, 1946 in France. At just 15 years old, he weighed about 500 pounds and stood 6’3″ tall. His larger-than-life size led him to become one of the most famous wrestlers of all time.

Throughout his career as a wrestler, Andre competed both in singles matches against other wrestlers and in tag matches alongside other wrestlers. While many won championships throughout their careers, Andre was never officially crowned a champion.

Despite his size, Andre was actually quite agile for his large stature. His impressive strength and athletic ability made him one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. He even starred in several movies throughout his career, including The Princess Bride and The Six Million Dollar Man.

Sadly, Andre passed away in 1993 due to health complications related to acromegaly, a medical condition that affects the pituitary gland. Even though he is no longer with us today, he will always be remembered as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.​

Andre the Giant is an iconic figure in wrestling history, renowned for both his massive size and impressive athleticism. With size 22 feet and 10-foot long hands, he was one of the few people to measure up to Shaquille O’Neal’s size 23 shoe size.

Despite his large stature, Andre was incredibly agile, and won countless championships throughout his career. Even after his passing in 1993, he remains a beloved figure in wrestling and beyond.​

If you’re also wondering, here are some Interesting facts About Andre The Giant.

Interesting facts About Andre The Giant

Interesting facts About Andre The Giant

Interesting facts About Andre The Giant

His Food Intake

You might think that Andre The Giant ate all the time, but you would be wrong. He actually ate sparingly, because his body was so used to huge amount of food. However, he still managed to keep a stable weight and not gain too much extra muscle mass on his frame.

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Reasons why he was not suited for the military

Andre The Giant had a medical condition that prevented him from fighting for his country in the Vietnam War. His size made it impossible for him to get on a plane, so that was out of the question for him. It’s not hard to imagine why he wouldn’t have been suited for the military.

His Real Shoe Size

Some of the information about Andre The Giant’s shoe size is a bit off. While he did wear an enormous shoe, it wasn’t as big as many people would believe. He went with a more modest 13½ instead of his actual foot size of 22 in order to give everyone a good laugh.

He had struggle to Get A Cab

If you’re wondering why Andre The Giant was so often seen in the back of a cab, it’s because he could barely fit inside a normal car. It got to be so bad at one point that some cabs even had to install extra seats just so they could drive him around town.

His Neighbor drove him to school

Andre The Giant lived in France for most of his life. He didn’t have a driver’s license, so he often needed to get someone to take him places. One time, his neighbor even agreed to take him to school so that he could attend class with everyone else.

He Attempted To Drown his opponents In Water

If you ever wondered why Andre The Giant loved water so much and what he use it for, then you’re in luck. He once revealed that he used to throw his opponents into the water and try to drown them during matches. He was a very brave hero indeed!

It’s not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don’t even exercise!

Big Bossman taught him a lesson

Andre The Giant had a reputation for being someone that would intimidate others, but one opponent wasn’t afraid of him at all. During a match with the Big Bossman, he slapped Andre right across the face and humiliated him in front of everyone. It’s safe to say this is not how he normally acted!

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He had difficulty With The Toilet

Andre The Giant had to use the bathroom like everyone else, but he was so big that it wasn’t always easy for him. He once confessed to having some difficulty with the toilet in a hotel, which forced him to ask for help from a janitor who then used an entire mop bucket on his backside.

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He could tip over a car

Andre The Giant was so strong that he could tip over a car with just his finger. In one incident, four people were inside of a car when Andre came up and pushed down on it. It tipped right over onto its side and left the four men terrified.

F.A.Q Andre the Giant shoe size

What was Andre the Giant’s US shoe size?

Andre the Giant’s US shoe size was anywhere from a 13½ to 14. His actual foot size was much, much bigger at 22 inches. He usually downplayed his shoes sizes in order to give everyone around him a laugh.

How big is Andre the Giant’s US shoe?

Andre the Giant’s US shoe was enormous, and it was one of the largest in history. It is reported to have been anywhere from a 13½ to a 14, which would make it larger than many normal men’s shoes.


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