What is Aaron Judge’s shoe size? How big are Aaron Judge shoes?

What is Aaron Judge’s shoe size? Aaron Judge is a professional American baseball player who wears size 17 cleats. He is most famous for his Nike Air Force 1 shoes in size 11.5 US.

His batting partner, Giancarlo Stanton, also wears size 17 cleats and is considered one of the best players in MLB history alongside Kevin Mench, who wears 13”/33 cm cleats. Judge’s career has been filled with success, having achieved multiple records despite being relatively young at age 27.

In terms of weight and height, he stands 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 282 pounds – an impressive combination for someone competing at such a high level. Aaron Judge is married to his wife Shannon who was previously Shaq’s longtime manager.

This couple have recently welcomed their first baby making them the proud parents of a beautiful daughter. With such great achievements under his belt and an amazing family life, it’s no wonder Aaron Judge has become one of the most fascinating figures in sports today.

What is Aaron Judge's shoe size? How big are Aaron Judge shoes?
What is Aaron Judge’s shoe size? How big are Aaron Judge shoes?

What is Aaron Judge’s shoe size?

What is Aaron Judge's shoe size
What is Aaron Judge’s shoe size

What size shoe does Aaron Judge wear? According to reports, the New York Yankees slugger wears a size 15 shoe. Judge is not alone in his large foot size, as there have been several other MLB players who wear a size 15 or larger. These include Kris Bryant, Giancarlo Stanton, and Yoenis Cespedes.

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While having larger feet can be a nuisance for some when shopping for footwear, large feet are helpful for baseball players. Having more surface area at the base of their feet increases balance and stability while they are hitting and running the bases. This gives them an edge over other players and helps explain why these individuals have had so much success in Major League Baseball.

The size 15 shoes worn by Judge are designed to cater to his needs as a professional athlete. The shoes feature an extra cushion in the heel for added comfort and stability during long games, as well as extra support around the ankle to prevent injury.

Furthermore, they have been made with lightweight materials so that Judge’s speed is not hindered. Overall, Aaron Judge’s shoe size of 15 gives him an advantage on the field and allows him to perform at the highest level possible.

It should also be noted that having larger feet can present its own unique challenges for Major League Baseball players such as Aaron Judge.

Finding footwear that fits properly can be difficult, and it can often take some trial and error to find the right size and style. Additionally, players with larger feet may experience greater amounts of wear and tear on their shoes due to the extra weight they carry during games.

However, Aaron Judge has clearly shown that these challenges can be overcome in order for a player to succeed in Major League Baseball.

Overall, Aaron Judge’s shoe size of 15 is a key factor in helping him perform at the highest level possible on the field. With his custom-designed footwear tailored to his needs as an athlete, Judge is able to utilize every advantage he has available to get the most out of his game.

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It just goes to show that even something as seemingly insignificant as footwear can make all the difference when it comes to professional sports.

It is clear that Aaron Judge’s shoe size has no bearing on his ability to succeed as an athlete. Thanks to his custom-designed shoes, he can maximize the benefits of having larger feet while minimizing any difficulties when shopping for footwear.

With extra cushioning and support around the ankle, these shoes give Judge the edge he needs to perform at a world-class level. It is no wonder why Aaron Judge is one of the top players in Major League Baseball today.

However, Aaron Judge also has difficulty buying shoes for himself.

The Difficulty Of Aaron Judge when Buying Shoes

The Difficulty Of Aaron Judge when Buying Shoes
The Difficulty Of Aaron Judge when Buying Shoes

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees MVP and All-Star outfielder, is no stranger to large feet. At 6’7″ and 285 pounds, it should come as no surprise that he wears a size 15 shoe.

In an interview with ESPN, Judge spoke about the challenge of finding shoes for his monster feet. “It’s not easy when you have big feet like mine… It’s tough to find shoes that fit, but there are options these days for guys with bigger sizes.”

Judge went on to explain that he prefers basketball shoes because they offer more cushioning and support than baseball shoes. He also mentioned that his custom-designed shoes feature extra padding in the heel for maximum comfort and stability.

Judge’s size 15 shoes are tailored to his unique needs as a professional athlete, which is something all players should strive for to maximize their performance on the field.

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F.A.Q Aaron Judge shoe size

What MLB player has the biggest shoe size?

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees has the biggest shoe size in MLB, with a size 15.

How big are Aaron Judge shoes?

Aaron Judge wears size 15 shoes. These shoes are custom designed to provide extra cushioning and support around the ankle, as well as padding in the heel area for maximum comfort.

How long is a size 17 shoe?

A size 17 shoe is typically 12.5 inches long, but this varies depending on the manufacturer and style of shoe.

What size shoe does Aaron Judge wear of the New York Yankees?

Aaron Judge wears a size 15 shoe for the New York Yankees. His custom designed shoes feature extra padding and cushioning to provide maximum support and comfort on the field.

No matter what size your feet are, it is important to find the right fit and style of shoes in order to perform at your best. Aaron Judge proves that having the perfect pair of shoes can make all the difference when it comes to success in sports! With options available in all sizes, there’s no excuse not to find the perfect pair of sneakers or cleats for you. So grab a pair today and show off your team spirit like Aaron Judge!


Although the average American male foot is size 10.5, Judge’s shoes are a whopping size 16! That’s 6 inches longer than the average adult male foot. Though it’s not quite clear how he found shoes that fit his large feet early on in his life, we do know that Judge currently wears Adidas Boost Icon 3 cleats which retail for around $120. For more interesting information like this, be sure to visit Southwark.tv.

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