What is Stephen Curry’s shoe size? What size shoe does Stephen Curry wear?

Are you looking for Stephen Curry’s shoe size? Stephen Curry has been known for his affinity for the 13.5 sneaker size, with some reports saying that he wears a 13.5 US, 12.5 UK, or 47.5 EU. Even though he has been wearing a 9 Curry model, Steph still somehow manages to get his shoe size wrong from time to time and is forced to wear shoes that are not his correct size.

It doesn’t stop at Stephen Curry either; Earl Boykins, Paul George, Andre Iguodala, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, Michael Jordan, Isaiah Thomas, and Klay Thompson have all had moments where they have worn the wrong size shoe, ranging from 8.5 EU all the way up to 60.1!

Despite these difficulties in finding the correct shoe size, NBA players continue to favor the 13.5 sneaker size because of its versatility in providing comfort while lacing up tight and playing on the court during game day. Players like Steph Curry have come to rely on this particular size as an essential part of their performance wear on court since it fits what they need perfectly with no modifications necessary.

What is Stephen Curry's shoe size? What size shoe does Stephen Curry wear?
What is Stephen Curry’s shoe size? What size shoe does Stephen Curry wear?

Stephen Curry’s Shoe Size

Stephen Curry's Shoe Size
Stephen Curry’s Shoe Size

What size shoe does Stephen Curry wear?

What size shoe does Stephen Curry wear?
What size shoe does Stephen Curry wear?

Stephen Curry, the professional basketball player, is known for his signature style both on and off the court. One of the most interesting aspects of his style is his shoe size. Stephen Curry wears a size 13US (12.5 UK) shoe.

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This shoe size gives him the perfect balance between having enough room to keep his feet comfortable while playing, but also providing enough support to ensure that he can move quickly around the court. Such a large shoe size would be hard to find in stores, so it’s no surprise that Steph often customizes his footwear with NikeID or other brands.

In addition to finding shoes that fit comfortably, Stephen Curry also has a unique set of requirements for his basketball shoes. He needs shoes with strong cushioning, as well as excellent traction on the court – something Nike has delivered with its signature Curry lines throughout the years.

Next, we will have a look at some facts about Stephen Curry’s shoe size.

Facts about Stephen Curry’s shoe size

Facts about Stephen Curry's shoe size
Facts about Stephen Curry’s shoe size

His shoes size is Bigger Than Expected

Curry looks like an extremely small person on the court, so it’s surprising that he wears such large shoes. Curry’s dimensions are 6’3” (1.91 m) tall and weighs 175 lbs (79 kg).

He Just wears Normal sneakers

Despite his big shoe size, Curry isn’t a fan of high-tops. He often wears normal sneakers with low to mid-cuts on the court.

His shoes fit greatly

Curry’s shoe size is perfect for his feet and gives him the necessary room to move around without sacrificing support. This allows Curry to make quick cuts on offense and play tight defense on the other end of the court.

No matter what size your basketball shoes are, styling them after Stephen Curry’s signature look can be a great way to show off your own style.

Whether you choose to go with NikeID or another brand, knowing Stephen Curry’s shoe size will help ensure that you get the perfect fit. Happy shopping!

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F.A.Q Stephen Curry’s shoe size

Who has the smallest shoe in the NBA?

The smallest shoe size in the NBA belongs to the player Isaiah Thomas, who wears a size 8US (7.5 UK).

Who wears a size 12 in the NBA?

Players who wear a size 12US (11.5 UK) in the NBA include James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Kawhi Leonard.


Ultimately, the world of basketball is ever-changing, and Stephen Curry is at the forefront of it all. Despite being only six feet tall, his style is larger than his stature, from three-pointers to ball moves and even shoe size. For many fans and players alike, his fashion sense has become almost legendary.

As we wait to see what Mr. Curry’s brilliant mind comes up with next – from long threes to kicks designed for draining them – one thing is certain: we still don’t know enough about his shoe size! From wondering if you can fit a sneaker like Curry’s to deciphering how he plays with seemingly effortless grace, there’s plenty of research left to be done.

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