The Ending Of Gone With The Wind?

“The Ending Of Gone With The Wind? Discover the true conclusion of this iconic film as we delve into its controversial finale, leaving audiences captivated and questioning the fate of its beloved characters.”

The Ending Of Gone With The Wind?

The Ending Of Gone With The Wind?

The book concludes with Rhett departing from Scarlett, prompting her to retreat to her family home at Tara to collect herself. Determined and unwavering, she believes she can win Rhett back, just as she has succeeded in getting the men she desired before. Scarlett’s resolve is evident, and she postpones contemplating the situation until she is back at Tara, following her pattern of setting aside unpleasant thoughts to move forward and survive.

The uncertainty lies in whether Scarlett’s determination will lead to a happy or sad ending. She has always been persistent in achieving her goals, but this has sometimes resulted in unintended consequences. Her past successes, like saving Tara and building her life after the war, were driven by her unyielding determination to forge ahead. However, this same trait has also caused her failures, as she rarely stops to reevaluate her desires once she has set her mind on something.

The ending leaves open possibilities: Scarlett might get Rhett back, which could be viewed as a happy ending or a result of her self-delusion. Continuation of the story in the same vein could lead to an ominous outcome, where Scarlett obtains what she wants only to realize she never truly wanted it, causing misery for both her and Rhett.

Ultimately, the ending leaves readers pondering whether Scarlett’s indomitable spirit will bring her triumph or regret, making it a culmination of her complex character and the choices she has made throughout the novel.

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Did Rhett really love Scarlett?

Did Rhett really love Scarlett?

Scarlett embarks on a journey to Charleston to visit Rhett’s family, hoping to win his affection by gaining his mother’s approval. She successfully persuades Rhett to take her for a sail on the harbor, but a dreadful storm causes their boat to capsize.

Stranded on an island, Scarlett and Rhett find solace in each other’s arms in a cave. Rhett admits his love for Scarlett but fears losing himself again if he succumbs to it. After the harrowing ordeal, Rhett leaves Scarlett, near death, at his mother’s home, notifying her in a letter that he will never see her again, despite admiring her bravery.

Once Scarlett recovers, she departs Charleston with her aunts to attend her grandfather’s birthday celebration in Savannah. She leaves a note with Rhett’s sister, who burns it without delivering the message. Scarlett defies her maternal family’s wishes and forges connections with the Savannah O’Haras. Scarlett’s grandfather offers her his inheritance on the condition that she stays in Savannah until his passing and cuts ties with her father’s side of the family. However, Scarlett refuses and storms out of the house, seeking refuge with her cousins, Jamie and Colum, a priest from Ireland.

Realizing she is pregnant with Rhett’s child, Scarlett conceals her pregnancy. In Ireland, she is warmly welcomed by her Irish kin, and she discovers an old house called ‘Ballyhara,’ previously O’Hara land before the English took it. Scarlett receives a divorce notification from Rhett and plans to return to America, but she learns of his marriage to Anne Hampton, who resembles Melanie Wilkes. Heartbroken, Scarlett decides to remain in Ireland, leaving her share of Tara to her son Wade Hampton, buying Ballyhara, and settling down with her Irish family, concealing the truth of her divorce.

As Ballyhara undergoes restoration, Scarlett eagerly anticipates the birth of her child, praying for a daughter and vowing to be a good mother. She gains immense respect from the townspeople and her family, earning the title of The O’Hara, the revered leader of the family clan. Scarlett’s journey takes unexpected turns, leading her to find a new sense of belonging and purpose in Ireland.

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Who does Scarlett end up with in Gone with the Wind?

Who does Scarlett end up with in Gone with the Wind?

Scarlett O’Hara, the eldest child of Gerald O’Hara and Ellen O’Hara (née Robillard), was born in 1845 on her family’s Georgia plantation, Tara. Initially named Katie Scarlett after her paternal grandmother, she is always referred to as Scarlett, except by her father, who calls her “Katie Scarlett.”

Her lineage is from a Catholic family of Irish ancestry on her father’s side and French ancestry from her mother’s old-money Robillard family in Savannah. With black hair, green eyes, and fair skin, Scarlett is renowned for her fashionably small waist. Her family includes two younger sisters, Susan Elinor (“Suellen”) O’Hara and Caroline Irene (“Carreen”) O’Hara, along with three infant brothers, all named Gerald O’Hara, Jr., who are buried in the family’s Tara burying ground.

At the start of the novel, Scarlett is unmarried but has numerous suitors in the county. Following Ashley Wilkes’ rejection, she marries Charles Hamilton, who tragically dies before the birth of their son, Wade Hampton Hamilton. Amidst Tara’s troubles, she weds Frank Kennedy, Suellen’s former beau, to secure financial stability for the plantation and support the family.

Together, they have a daughter named Ella Lorena Kennedy. Unfortunately, Kennedy falls victim to a Union army raid on Shanty Town, where Scarlett tries to intervene and stop the attack.

Scarlett then marries Rhett Butler for his wealth, although she admits to having some affection for him. They become parents to Eugenia Victoria, affectionately known as “Bonnie Blue” Butler. Tragically, Bonnie dies in a riding accident.

Unable to reconcile their differences, Rhett departs from Scarlett, but she concludes the novel determined to win him back. Scarlett’s life unfolds with a series of marriages and heartaches, but her resilience and pursuit of love make her a captivating and complex character in the story.

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What happens to Ashley at the end of Gone with the Wind?

What happens to Ashley at the end of Gone with the Wind?

In many ways, Ashley embodies the tragic fate of the Southern upper class in the aftermath of the Civil War. He hails from a privileged background, epitomizing honor and education. In stark contrast to the decisive and lively Rhett Butler, Ashley’s character exudes a sense of gentility. He holds firm to his principles, even if they seem impractical at times, a fact even acknowledged by Melanie on her deathbed. Ashley’s ideals lead him to resist actions that Rhett, with his ruthless and practical nature, would readily undertake.

During the Civil War, Ashley fights not out of hatred for the Yankees, but out of love for his homeland, hoping for a peaceful resolution. Displaying leadership on the battlefield, he rises to the rank of Major and survives imprisonment at the notorious Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois. Despite enduring these hardships, Ashley returns home, physically unharmed. In an alternate reality where the War never occurred, he could have led a peaceful and respectable life.

However, the war that forever changed the South has shattered his world, leaving him with the sentiment that everything he once believed in has been “gone with the wind,” a phrase poignantly coined by poet Ernest Dowson.

Did Rhett and Scarlett end up together?

Did Rhett and Scarlett end up together?

Rhett, the eldest child, is prominently featured in Gone with the Wind, with only his younger sister, Rosemary, being named. While his brother and sister-in-law are briefly mentioned, their names are not revealed.

However, in the sequel, Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley, the Butler parents are named Steven and Eleanor, and the younger brother is identified as Ross. In this continuation, Rhett divorces Scarlett and marries Anne Hampton, but their reunion only occurs after Anne’s passing. During their renewed relationship, Rhett and Scarlett welcome a second daughter named Katherine, affectionately known as “Katie” or “Cat.”

Gone with the Wind’s iconic ending has captivated audiences, presenting a bittersweet resolution that delves into the complexities of love and loss. Its enduring impact resonates in both literary and cinematic realms, making it a timeless and unforgettable tale.

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